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ICQ ('I seek you') is a user-friendly Internet program that searches for your friends and associates on the Net, alerting you in real...

By ICQ | Added December 12, 2001

ICQr Information

ICQr Information reads out information stored in Mirabilis ICQ Database (.DAT) files. These files contain everything the user enters...

By | Added November 11, 2001


Dolly-IRCBot is an IRC Bot easy to use, the bot can talk and have some other features, you can also use it like an IRC Client.

By Dolly Software | Added September 1, 2001


A smart instant message client for your departmental workgroup. Advanced features allow the client to always know who else is online...

By | Added August 14, 2001


Features a an exciting interface which is easy to use for newbies aswell as for power IRC users, with a lot of commands which reduces...

By Christopher Allene | Added August 13, 2001


dIRC is an IRC chat client for 32-bit Windows platforms. It includes a fully featured, customizable user interface and the ability...

By Algenta Technologies | Added August 3, 2001

Dict Client

Dict Client uses the internet standard "dict" protocol to communicate with online dictionaries. It comes setup to search ""...

By David Caldwell | Added July 22, 2001


All-in-one toolbar communications centre! Maxx provides Video Conferencing, a full-blown IRC client, AIM client, ICQ client, TV tuner,...

By Pinnacle Technologies | Added July 22, 2001


Bersirc is an Internet Relay Chat client for Windows. It has send/receive DCC capabilities, a Pascal scripting language, and plug-in...

By Bersirc | Added July 20, 2001


e/Pop is an instant messenger for the office. e/Pop includes instant pop-up messages, group chat, remote screen control, application...

By WiredRed Software | Added July 19, 2001

Liveproof Viewer

Liveproof Viewer allows you to view the computer screen of a remote user over the internet in real time. When the host makes a change,...

By LiveProof Meeting Center | Added July 11, 2001

SeeSaw Communicator

Introducing CameraCafe, the hottest new video chat community on the Internet. Talk to and see people in full-motion video. Great video...

By RealityFusion | Added July 10, 2001

LIvVE, a Live Interactive Voice and Video Entertainment community, is taking ordinary chat rooms out of the Internet equation. No longer...

By 4Anything Network | Added July 3, 2001

Excite Messenger

Instant messaging client. In addition to easy-to-use instant messaging, it provides you with personalized content (sports scores, weather,...

By Excite@Home | Added May 9, 2001

IrCQ-Net Invitation

IrCQ-Net Invitation is an ICQ plug-in that allows you to access certain IrCQ-Net (ICQ IRC Services) features and invite anyone on your...

By ICQ | Added April 9, 2001


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