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Movie DB

IMdB support: get all the movie info and actor filmography with one click. MicroDVD INI file generator. Covers gallery (using cdcovers.cc...

By My PersonalSoftware | Added September 18, 2002

Corte Certo

From the developer: "Corte Certo - Layout optimization of rectangular parts on sheets, panels, rolls. Generates efficient cutting plans...

By Corte Certo | Added September 13, 2002

Book Collection

Organize a printed or electronic book collection. File and organize with a comprehensive list of fields and customizable lists. Record...

By Portable Software | Added August 30, 2002

Runningman Book Database

Organize your book collection in your own database. Print reports and keep track of where each book is located, what they cost, and...

By Runningman Software | Added August 29, 2002


From the developer: "CDShelf is a powerful and easy to use CD management tool with familiar Explorer-like user interface. CDShelf have...

By SouthPole Studio | Added April 25, 2002

List Pad (PowerPC)

List Pad is a flexible, simple list manager for keeping track of various lists and tidbits of information. Use List Pad for to-do lists,...

By Taylor Design | Added April 23, 2002

Goods Account

Goods Account is a shareware computer program that keeps inventory of your things. It may be used for home inventory, small office...

By Otblesk Software | Added February 28, 2002

Document Filing System

The Document Filing System keeps track of where documents are in filing cabinets (or any where else suitable for storing documents...

By Micro-Visions | Added February 25, 2002

Your Personal Catalogue

Your Personal Catalogue (YPC) is a home database application that will allow you to easily organize your collection of movies, music,...

By wminfo | Added February 21, 2002


Vidtracker is a database for your DVDs, laserdiscs, VHS tapes, and VCR recordings. It's fully searchable, and shows time left on VHS...

By KJP Software | Added January 23, 2002


GroceryIP (Grocery Inventory and Planning) software was designed to help you save time and money. The software provides you with a...

By Codesse Software | Added October 24, 2001


MoviePhile is a shareware database useful for keeping track of your video collection, whether it consists of movies (any format), tapes...

By Crabtree Creative | Added September 21, 2001

Writer's Database

This program is a database system that enables writers to keep track of the works they have created, the potential publishers they...

By Ultima Thule | Added September 6, 2001

Game Listing

From the developer: "Game Listing helps you keep track of what games you have loaned out and who you loaned them to, be it console...

By Chris Knowles' Programming | Added June 18, 2001

Pumpkin MovieBrain

MovieBrain, formerly known as MovieMan, is a great way to organize your movie collection. Its fully customizable user interface helps...

By Pumpkin Software | Added January 16, 2001


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