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MacDoppler for Cocoa was re-written from the ground up to take full advantage of all the great Cocoa capabilities in OS X on PPC as...

By Dog Park Software Ltd. | Added May 25, 2017

Genealogical Trees of Families

The program forms a list of families and the composition of the family. It is designed to store family history and build a family tree....

By Perun | Added May 23, 2017

Pedigree Animal

The program is designed to create a pedigree animal. Keeping animals list, their photos and videos. Software features: Drawing up...

By Perun | Added May 23, 2017

The Family Tree of Family

The program is intended for preservation of history and creation of a family tree of a family. With its help you will create the detailed...

By Perun | Added May 23, 2017


iTrain offers an easy to use solution to control your model railroad with your computers, especially if you want to automate only parts...

By Berros | Added May 22, 2017

Family Collection

Family Collection is designed to organize items family collection. Allows you to organize collection. Add a description, photos, objects,...

By Perun | Added May 22, 2017


Gamepedia is a powerful cataloging application for video and computer games which allows you to retrieve all your game information...

By Bruji | Added May 22, 2017


DVDpedia is a DVD cataloging software for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all DVD information from the Internet...

By Bruji | Added May 18, 2017


CDpedia is a CD manager software for Mac OS X. Its familiar iTunes style interface makes it easy to use. It integrates with iTunes...

By Bruji | Added May 17, 2017


Bookpedia is a book cataloging software for Mac OS X. It retrives information from the web, has smart collections to help organize...

By Bruji | Added May 17, 2017

Day One

Day One is designed and focused to encourage you to write more. Using the Menu Bar quick entry, Reminder system, Calendar view and...

By Bloom Built | Added April 26, 2017


Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Link notes to each other to build a body of work. Use hashtags...

By Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. | Added April 24, 2017


rubiTrack is a GPS enabled activity tracking software for the Mac. Utilizing latest Mac UI technologies, rubiTrack lets you display,...

By toolsfactory | Added April 23, 2017


For Grbl, Benbox and Eleks Maker Laser Engraving systems. Image to G-Code Conversion. Supports JPEG or BMP import (up to 24-bit color)....

By T2 Laser | Added April 23, 2017


MacDive 2 comes with a brand new coat of paint on the outside. But the changes don't stop there. It's been redesigned from the ground...

By MacDive | Added April 20, 2017


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