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Sabotage is a simple, addictive arcade game. The object of the game is to defend yourself from the attacking saboteurs. The saboteurs...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000

ScoreCard Pro

ScoreCard Pro is the only electronic golf scorecard that looks and works like a printed scorecard. Record scores for up to five golfers;...

By GolfIdeas | Added August 11, 2000


Play against the computer in this great Four-in-a-row game!

By Tiller Software | Added August 11, 2000


BombRun is a version of Scramble for the PalmPilot. Your mission is to fly your ship through enemy territory, reach the enemy base,...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000


Graviton is an advanced action game that was inspired from old classics along the lines of Oids and Thrust. The object of the game...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000


Steal a few fun-filled moments with Catch Me, a card-swapping game. It is a refreshing, relaxing and thrilling game which provides...

By ITIL | Added August 11, 2000

Code Cracker

Great little MasterMind type game. It is simple yet challenging. Configuration options include number of guesses, digits in the solution...

By Jeff Jetton | Added August 11, 2000


CricketKing is a dart score-keeping application to help you keep track of the score for a game of Cricket. CricketKing automatically...

By Dave Garozzo | Added August 11, 2000


Twizzle is a new twist on the 15-tile-sliding puzzle. This version adds three converter types and 30 difficulty levels.

By Richard Hocking | Added August 11, 2000


CrossBow allows you to enter crosswords into your PalmPilot as specially formatted memos. You can then view the crossword grid on the...

By Harry Ohlsen | Added August 11, 2000


Desdemona is the PalmPilot version of an easy-to-learn and highly addictive board game. If you liked playing the board games Reversi...

By mindgear | Added August 11, 2000

Eight Ball

Answer its questions yes/no and Eight Ball will predict the future

By Steve Wagner | Added August 11, 2000


Wordlet is an addictive, fast-paced word game. The object of the game is simple: create as many words as possible out of adjacent cubes...

By Oopdreams Software | Added August 11, 2000


FanMate is a fun application that simulates a table fan. It features four speeds to help you cool off during hot days. If you're lacking...

By MobiMate | Added August 11, 2000


Impactor is an action game for the PalmPilot that's reminiscent of the arcade classic, Arkanoid. To succeed you must use the bat, knock...

By Seimitsu Software | Added August 11, 2000


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