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Bean is lean, fast, and uncluttered. If you get depressed at the thought of firing up MS Word or OpenOffice, try Bean. If you use TextEdit...

By Bean | Added October 17, 2017


Storyist is a powerful story development tool for novelists and screenwriters. With an intuitive interface that puts you in control,...

By Storyist Software | Added October 3, 2017

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced

This software scans one or more docx, text or text-like files (e.g. HTML and XML files) and counts the number of occurrences of the...

By Hermetic Systems | Added October 29, 2017


Convert your scanned images to text files. Tool features the ability to analyze an entire file which output results to plain text or...

By Alar Technologies | Added September 14, 2017


WordPad is a basic word-processing program that you can use to create and edit documents. Unlike Notepad, WordPad allows you to include...

By Microsoft | Added September 13, 2017

PDF Studio Viewer

PDF Studio Viewer is a cross-platform PDF reader that is reliable and easy to use. PDF Studio Viewer is for viewing only. For more...

By Qoppa Software | Added August 30, 2017


Mellel is a word processors for Mac OS X, with a special focus on writers, scholars, technical writing and multilingual word processing....

By RedleX | Added August 29, 2017

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter

This software scans an MS Word docx file or a text file (including HTML and XML files) with text encoded via ANSI or UTF-8 and counts...

By Hermetic Systems | Added October 29, 2017

PDF Studio

PDF Studio is an all-in-one, easy to use PDF editor that provides all PDF features needed at a fraction of other PDF editors. PDF Studio...

By Qoppa Software | Added July 12, 2017

BitRecover DOC to PDF Wizard

Among the many online applications to convert DOC to PDF format tools, what makes BitRecover DOC to PDF Converter different is it's...

By BitRecover | Added July 11, 2017

Search KWIC Concordance

This is a Windows program for generating and searching a KWIC concordance of a document ("KWIC" = "Keywords in Context"). A KWIC concordance...

By Hermetic Systems | Added October 29, 2017


CryptoEdit is a full featured word processor for reserved documents, handling TEXT, RTF and RTFD (with images) format. It saves documents...

By Tension Software | Added July 5, 2017

Writers Outlet

At Writers Outlet be the Digital Typewriter. Create or upload your writing and publish it on Writer's Outlet. The writer can keep...

By Vrinda Tech Apps | Added July 3, 2017


AutoPairs modifies the behavior of certain keystrokes, to help you keep paired characters such as parentheses properly matched. For...

By James W. Walker | Added June 12, 2017

upCast RT

upCast enables you to use Microsoft Word as an authoring application for XML documents. Take advantage of the widespread availability...

By infinity-loop | Added May 31, 2017


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