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Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator includes four Excel worksheets (monthly budget/personal budget/home budget/wedding budget) and one text file. There...

By Tidyform | Added 3 days ago

CurveExpert Professional

CurveExpert Professional is a cross-platform solution for curve fitting and data analysis. Data can be modeled using a toolbox of linear...

By Hyams Development | Added March 8, 2017


Soulver helps you do quick calculations and work things out. It's quicker to use than a spreadsheet, and smarter and clearer than a...

By Acqualia Software | Added March 5, 2017

Online Loan Places Near Me Calculator

Managing any loan well takes a lot of effort when it comes to making the right payments on time. In order to help users in the same,...

By Online Loan Places Near Me | Added February 20, 2017

Telecom Color Code Translator

Telecom Color Code will translate a twisted cable pair number into its corresponding colors; 25 pair color code. The app includes a...

By Buknal Enterprise | Added February 13, 2017

Radian-Degree Calculator

A Windows program for converting radians to and from degrees, minutes and seconds, and for performing addition and subtraction of angles....

By Hermetic Systems | Added January 30, 2017


ChemMaths is a engineering,mathematical and chemistry program. In addition interfaces with media player to allow playing of music,videos,...

By Chemeng Software Design | Added January 17, 2017

Click Counter Tap Counter

Counting of something is always a big problem. Often we start counts of our things but get confuse during our count number. At this...

By USols | Added January 9, 2017

Process Engineering Calculator

Process engineering calculator contains the calculators described below. Units converter: containing 23 measurements with 200 unit...

By WeBBusterZ Engineering Software | Added November 29, 2016

M.A.D Mathematics

This Application created with java. Therefore, the java virtual machine (JVM) needs to be installed on your computer. This program...

By M.A.D | Added November 23, 2016

InchPro Decimal

InchPro Decimal is free program for conversion inches between all units of measurement and also converting any units of measure among...

By InchPro | Added November 14, 2016

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator

Windows software to convert between Julian, Gregorian, Dee and Dee-Cecil calendar dates in various formats, and to add and subtract...

By Hermetic Systems | Added October 12, 2016

DPLS Scientific Calculator

This is a highly functional and easy to use Scientific Calculator. It incorporates many science tools including triangle calculators,...

By Dot Point Learning Systems | Added October 2, 2016

Scientific Calculator App

This scientific calculator has all the functions you need. Calculations are stored in history for later reading. Multiple scientific...

By Osthoro | Added September 5, 2016

Currency Converter Handy

Exchange rates change all the time, and our live Currency Converter updates with it, making it the ideal tool to keep your eye on the...

By White Orange Software | Added August 11, 2016


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