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eLibrary is a front end to Project Gutenberg. It allows you to search the Gutenberg servers by author, title, and Gutenberg year. It...

By LN3GS Software | Added June 8, 2001

Pet Food Alert

Find out the shocking Truth about what is in your pet's food. You won't believe what you have been feeding your beloved pets. You need...

By Pet-Health | Added March 21, 2001

Make Women Respond (to Your E-mail)!

Internet dating is so easy when you know the rules. Download a free e-book with ideas to Make Women Respond to your first e-mail. Tips...

By Iliya Petkov | Added March 5, 2001

How to Make a Website From Scratch

Free e-book explaining how to make a website from scratch. Contents cover the following areas, how does a webpage work,what is Html,what...

By Hypergurl | Added February 20, 2001

Guaranteed Marketing

In this report, you'll learn proven methods that can transform your small or home-based business into a money-making machine. What...

By Guaranteed Marketing | Added February 16, 2001

Master and Disciple

Master and Disciple is an e-book containing lessons in life. Its table of contents covers Karma, Existence, Contentment, Detachment,...

By | Added January 11, 2001

Dracula Microsoft Reader eBook

Read an e-book of Bram Stoker's Dracula in the Microsoft Reader format with ClearType high-resolution display technology. The e-book...

By eBookMall | Added January 11, 2001

Heart of Darkness MS Reader e-Book

See and read this facsinating novel electronically. With the clarity of ClearType technology, advanced navigation, and a personal library,...

By eBookMall | Added January 10, 2001

Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables is an illustrated, animated e-book that brings Aesop into the 20th Century with modern adaptations of the classic fables....

By E-dition | Added May 17, 1999


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