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BugLink is a bug tracking system for both the Macintosh and Microsoft Windows 95/NT. BugLink consists of a central bug database and...

By PixVue.Com | Added May 10, 1999

Python Interpreter

Python is an easy-to-learn, powerful programming language. It has high-level data structures and a simple but effective approach to...

By | Added May 7, 1999


PersonalSearch is a Java search engine for your site. You decide what keywords it should respond to and what URLs are included in the...

By UMSoft | Added May 6, 1999

VB Layout

VB Layout is an ActiveX control for Visual Basic. It resizes and moves selected controls as specified when the form is resized. It...

By Paul Wannbaeck | Added May 6, 1999

OpenGL Development Kit

The OpenGL Development Kit includes all of the documentation, headers, link libraries, and sample code required to get started with...

By Apple | Added April 27, 1999


HTML Raw is an ActiveX control that can retrieve and download raw HTML pages and headers without using a browser. The downloadable...

By Gunawan Sarwono | Added April 22, 1999


Cobwebber is a tool that allows you to create and edit HTML. It includes a number of tools, and has the ability to expand by adding...

By Tilian Technologies | Added April 21, 1999

Crossword Express Java Applet

Crossword Express Java Applet allows you to add interest to your Web site with interactive crossword puzzles. This applet has many...

By AUS-PC-SOFT Shareware | Added April 21, 1999

QuickTime Plug-In Helper

The QuickTime Plug-In Helper allows you to associate URLs with QuickTime movies and video tracks, as well as to store QuickTime plug-in...

By Apple | Added April 19, 1999

PreFab Player

PreFab Player is a faceless background application (similar to a system extension) that lets your scripts query and control otherwise...

By PreFab Software | Added April 19, 1999

Desktop DB Driver

Desktop DB Driver allows you to view the contents of the Desktop Database. It can be used to analyze the DTDB format. To use it, you...

By Thomas Tempelmann | Added April 5, 1999

HTML Markdown

HTML Markdown is an HTML-to-text converter that makes it easier to archive your Web site, spell-check HTML pages, map out your site,...

By KlepHacks Shareware | Added April 5, 1999

Jetpack (Visual Basic 5.0)

Jetpack is a collection of ten ActiveX controls designed to enhance any Visual Basic 5.0 database application with minimal effort and...

By Chisel Software | Added March 18, 1999

IMG SRC Helper

creates full references to images in HTML files

By ThankYouWare | Added February 25, 1999

RAS Dial Up ActiveX

RAS Dial Up ActiveX control allows your application to establish an RAS (usually Internet) connection. It comes in two languages (English...

By FrabLaser Softwares | Added February 11, 1999


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