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With HTML2Table you can convert HTML tables without all the HTML tags into comma (or anything else) delimited tables which you easily...

By Stefan Pettersson | Added July 21, 2000


With Table2HTML you can easily convert a tab or comma delimited table (table in a Word document for example) to a HTML table. You can...

By Stefan Pettersson | Added July 21, 2000

IBM VisualAge Cobol

Provides a complete offering of compatible, cross platform, cross product compilers which support OS/390�?�¯�?�¿�?�½, MVS,...

By IBM | Added July 17, 2000

User Library

User Library is a collection of useful functions for QuickBasic 4.5 and C/C++. The QuickBasic part consists of a precompiled library...

By Stanislav Sokolov | Added July 13, 2000

Browsinform Quick Edition

Browsinform - iDB allows you to publish Database tables into a browser for easy distribution to end-users. Non-programmers can quickly...

By Browsinform | Added July 12, 2000

Microsoft Visual Basic

Provides the latest updates to the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 development system. Service Pack 5 includes the latest performance and...

By Microsoft | Added June 29, 2000

TVirtComp component for Delphi

TVirtComp is a Delphi component, which encapsulates the interpreter of the VIRT programming language. It is non-visual component that...

By VIRT laboratory,IAI | Added June 26, 2000

Apple Pipeline

Pipeline is Apple's new C++ Network framework. It is used in conjunction with the Apple Class Suites framework and is installed into...

By Apple | Added June 11, 2000

MapObjects LT

MapObjects LT is a collection of mapping components for application developers, consisting of an ActiveX control (OCX) and other programmable...

By ESRI | Added June 8, 2000


Jipe is a free IDE for Java developers. Jipe is written in Java for maximum cross-platform usability, and allows you to write, compile,...

By Envision Software | Added June 8, 2000

Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Module

This package contains all the necessary files for running applications created using Visual Basic 5.0. This package has been updated...

By Microsoft | Added June 5, 2000

Pet Page

Pet Page allows you to create a free web page for your pet. On your page, you can desribe your pet's characteristics, personality,...

By Data Village | Added May 31, 2000

Web Billboard

Web Billboard is a free software program that creates a free Web Page for your business or service. It features automatic Search Engine...

By Data Village | Added May 31, 2000


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