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WAV, MPEG, MIDI and AudioCD Player. I wanted to make a beautiful and easy-to-use player. This program doesn't have the standard grey...

By Arkadiy Istomin | Added April 17, 2000


MP3Boy is an MP3 Manager/jukebox/ID Tagger frontend to your MP3 collection and Winamp (V2.50 Onwards). I wrote MP3Boy as although there...

By Paul Southern | Added April 17, 2000

Easy CD Creator Update (Deluxe)

This file upgrades the core applications of Easy CD Creator Deluxe software versions 4.0 and above to version 4.01 or 4.02. The Standard...

By Roxio | Added April 3, 2000


AxelPlayer is a fast digital audio player for Windows 95-98-NT with cool design, intuitive interface and many useful features. It has...

By AccelWare | Added March 27, 2000


QuickEditor is a basic ID3-Tag Editor, supporting ID3-Tag v1.1 and allowing multiple file tagging. If you wish, QuickEditor is quickly...

By codevisions | Added March 27, 2000


Wav-2-Midi is a stand-alone application that converts a WAVfile containing audio of a guitar playing, to a MIDI file with the same...

By Naked Note | Added March 20, 2000

CD Player Maximus

Maximus is a full-featured freeware CD player for Windows. Features include disc and track naming with no length limit, direct jumping...

By Markovic Goran | Added March 14, 2000

Heuris MPEG Power Professional

Lets face it, your clients are demanding. They want high-quality work with faster and faster turnaround times. MPEG Power Professional...

By HEURIS | Added March 8, 2000

MPegger (formerly MPecker Encoder)

MPegger (formerly MPecker Encoder) is an MP3 audio encoder for the Macintosh. It supports both MPEG Layer II and Layer III (MP2 and...

By Proteron | Added March 8, 2000

cf/x bw colorizer

cf/x has released a suite of inexpensive, pro-level plug-ins for iMovie. this is one them. b/w coloriser is a plug that turns your...

By cf/x | Added March 7, 2000

Chromatic Tuner (Classic)

Chromatic Tuner listens while you tune and visually guides you through the tuning process. Out-performs hardware devices sold in music...

By Rustle Laidman | Added March 1, 2000

Caption Extractor Suite

With the Caption Extractor Suite, Sherlock becomes a low cost, ready-to-use full-text solution for finding images on hard disks,...

By J2S | Added February 28, 2000

Open Music System (OMS)

The software tools available in the Open Music System (OMS) manage the flow of MIDI information between applications and MIDI hardware....

By Opcode Systems | Added January 27, 2000


AmazingMIDI transcribes music automatically by converting WAV files into MIDI files. It can handle both monophonic and polyphonic music....

By Araki Software | Added January 25, 2000

Arboretum Hyperprism for HyperEngine

Audio clips can be edited and processed to generate soundtracks. The program comes with a wide variety of free studio-quality effects...

By Arboretum Systems | Added January 18, 2000


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