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Quartz AudioMaster Freeware

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware is a powerful, yet easy-to-use audio and MIDI sequencer for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It features four stereo...

By Digital Sound Planet | Added December 12, 2000

Mozart 2005

Mozart is a music processor for Windows. Using only the computer keyboard, you can create and edit sheet music that can be printed...

By David Webber | Added December 1, 2000

Pine MP3 Player

Pine MP3 Player

By PHP Development Team | Added November 30, 2000


Sound Pad is a full-featured sound wave editor for Windows 95. It features full undo and redo of changes to the sound; import of AIFF,...

By Menasoft | Added November 29, 2000


Management Software for the Rio 500 MP3 player.Features: Batch Up/Download, Rearrange, Drag-and-Drop support for files and folders....

By Tom Kistner | Added November 28, 2000

Peter Pan

Mark Of The Unicorns (Digital) Performer and AudioDesk users can now use true 5.1 panning via this slick, easy to use and very complete...

By Audio Ease | Added November 23, 2000


The xtra is intended to replace the old BorderPatch which is not working with Director 7 and later.

By Media Connect Multimedia | Added November 16, 2000


Decoder tells your PC to "listen" for an audio signal from the TV. Once that sound is "heard" by your PC (through the microphone or...

By WebChoiceTV | Added November 14, 2000

Macromedia Authorware

Visual rich-media authoring solution for creating online learning applications. As a training developer, instructional designer, educator,...

By Adobe Systems | Added November 13, 2000

EZ-Playlist for Winamp

With this player, you can import PLS and M3U format playlists, scan directories, add files, load and save your playlist (EZ3 format...

By JL BOYER | Added November 3, 2000


BladeEnc is a freeware console application that encodes MP3 files from WAV or AIFF files. Although BladeEnc supports command-line parameters,...

By Petteri Kamppuri | Added October 25, 2000

MP3 Title Fixer

Renames MP3 files using the title in the v3 header while adding the ".mp3" extension. Saves a lot of typing. The utilities I use just...

By Sheller | Added October 20, 2000

J&V Percussion Generator

J&V Percussion Generator is a handy little program. You type in the rhythm and the program generates it for you. The notation used...

By J&V SoftTechnology | Added September 25, 2000


Always wanted to play a musical instrument but never gotten beyond playing with your Pilot? MusicInHand combines the two! Now you can...

By Portable Projects | Added September 18, 2000

Final Cut Pro QTM Reader Update

Some, but not all, users of Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 have reported dropping frames on clips that require rendering, such as clips with filters,...

By Apple | Added September 10, 2000


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