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Too many passwords? Can't remember what password goes where? Can't remember credit card numbers and other personal information? Stash...

By D.B. Coders | Added March 11, 2002

One Time Pad

One Time Pad is an easy to use personal encryption program using the elegant one time pad encryption technique. Great for students...

By | Added March 10, 2002


It will make files and folder invisible (i.e. from students or children) When you drag a file on top of FileVis it will ask you for...

By Sam's Programs | Added March 10, 2002

Banner Ad Filter

A small, effective and intelligent anti-banner-ad software product than can filter intrusive web banner ads, web bugs and cookies by...

By Tooto Technologies | Added March 5, 2002


Never again be bothered by pop-up windows while surfing the web. PopNot is an advanced pop-up advertisement suppressor that prevents...

By High-Density Software | Added March 5, 2002

Dound's Steganography

This software allows users to encode and decode messages of their choice with a keyword. The message is coded into a picture, which...

By DGU Enterprises | Added February 24, 2002

Boot Log

Boot Log is a program that runs on OS-X to grab the user name you booted up as and saves a log in the user's prefs folder called 'boot...

By Robert Dell | Added February 18, 2002


Stand alone application that will allow you to change your email account password using the PWD protocol. Can also extract saved passwords...

By MYTH Technologies | Added February 12, 2002

BlackIce Defender Workstation Update

BlackIce Defender is an industrial-strength anti-hacker system that delivers unmatched protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable...

By Internet Security Systems | Added February 12, 2002

AntiSnoop Password Dropper

Concerned about the proliferation of keystroke loggers, clipboard capturers, and mouse-movement monitors? Forced to enter passwords...

By Rachel Software | Added February 11, 2002


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