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SmoothSurfer comes loaded with Internet Privacy features such as OnlineScan, Popup Stopper, Internet Eraser, BossKey and HiddenMode....

By | Added May 21, 2002

Dial-up Networking Password Recovery

You can recover lost or current dial-up networking passwords very fast and easy and save them into text files.

By Hila Soft | Added May 21, 2002


MegaCipher allows on-the-fly encryption of all kinds of data with 128-bit open keys. Crypted data can only be decrypted with the correct...

By Kamatoz.Computing | Added May 19, 2002


Utility to Detect and Remove W32.Klez.H and W32.Elkern.C virus dropped by klez. Steps to follow: Create a temporary folder Download...

By Quick Heal Technologies | Added April 30, 2002

Internet Sweeper

Erase information stored in Windows about Internet sites visited. This program is free (although donations are appreciated) and fully...

By Emery Info-Engineering | Added April 30, 2002


This tool keeps track on how many times your PC boots a day. It also shows you how long your computer is up since last reboot. (Incredible!...

By Bluefive Software | Added April 29, 2002


Agax is an antivirus application. It scans your disks and files for viruses. It also contains Defender, which is an antivirus extension....

By John Dalgliesh | Added April 27, 2002

IIS Security Audit

IIS Security Audit helps you check your webserver for common vulnerabilities. Unlike other security tools, it checks the configuration...

By LokBox Software | Added April 25, 2002

Info Crypt

How many encryption algorithms of encrypting programs do you know? Info Crypt is an unique utility for encrypting diskettes. It changes...

By Pavel Danilchenko | Added April 22, 2002


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