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Foto Timer

Foto Timer was originally written because I no longer wanted to count the seconds when I took photographs of the stars. With the input...

By Astrosoftware | Added July 25, 2003


CoolPalm is a utility to display a startup and/or a shutdown picture and play wave files. You can specify a shutdown or startup picture...

By Toysoft Development | Added July 24, 2003


ListRenamer 1.1 is a utility to rename files of a folder according to a list. Very convenient for changing large numbers of file names...

By Dokcha Software | Added July 23, 2003

Resco Picture Viewer (Palm)

Resco Picture Viewer has the ability to display images quickly in the following file formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, 2BP, PCX, PCD, TIF, CFX,...

By Resco | Added July 23, 2003


OmniRemote is a universal infrared remote control for the Palm OS. It uses infrared light to communicate with TVs, VCRs, and many other...

By Pacific Neo-Tek | Added July 22, 2003

TenGO Soft Keyboard for Pocket PC

TenGO is a powerful soft keyboard for handheld pocket devices. It uses an innovative tap-and-scribe method to input text on the Soft...

By Xrgomics | Added July 22, 2003

System Analyzer

Get extensive information about your PC's hardware and software, all Microsoft files versions comparison. Makes you able to View and...

By Wiz-Technology | Added July 21, 2003

Keyboard Hack

Keyboard Hack replaces the built-in onscreen keyboard. It combines the alphabetic and numeric keypads into a 69-key keyboard. Some...

By PalmGadget | Added July 19, 2003


Time is a digital clock in your Palm. It comes with a calendar in month view. It tells the time of other cities. Alarms can be set...

By PalmGadget | Added July 19, 2003


Invisible hides icons from the Palm OS application launcher. Un-welcome applications (e.g. Welcome) or applications already mapped...

By PalmGadget | Added July 19, 2003

Keyboard Hack II

Keyboard Hack II replaces the built-in onscreen keyboard. It combines the alphabetic and numeric keypads into a single keyboard. Keyboard...

By PalmGadget | Added July 19, 2003

Virtual Speaker

This KEXT (kernel extension) for MacOS 10.2 fixes problems with the handling of sound on the Apple G4 Cube when the external USB speakers...

By Syndrome3D | Added July 18, 2003


GiantDisc is a package of mp3 Jukebox software tools. It consists of Linux server scripts to manage and play mp3 tracks a Palm remote...

By Rolf Brugger | Added July 18, 2003

VizSync Address Book

VizSync for Address Book allows multi-user synchronization between the native Palm Address Book application and multi-user FileMaker...

By VizMotion Incorporated | Added July 17, 2003

VizSync Date Book

VizSync for Date Book allows multi-user synchronization to occur between the native Palm Date Book application and FileMaker Pro. Data...

By VizMotion Incorporated | Added July 17, 2003


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