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TravelPack Pro

Bundle of 6 great travel utilities: SkyTime (inflight time manager), Foreign (currency converter), MealTip (tip calculator), TravelCheck...

By Setocorp | Added December 3, 2001

1 Awesome Java Tree

1 Awesome Java Tree is a Java sliding tree applet much like the Windows Explorer tree for displaying hierarchical data, but with many...

By Michael Cheong | Added December 3, 2001

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Home Edition gives you the freedom to experience more than you ever thought possible with your computer and the Internet....

By Microsoft | Added November 30, 2001


CollectIN is a shareware that collect the data that you input on Palm to MS Access(MDB), ODBC(like SQL server) and CSV file. And you...

By AKIRA SUZUKI | Added November 30, 2001


A general database application that allows the user to enter information of books, whether owned, wanted, borrowed, loaned or rented...

By The Clusters | Added November 30, 2001

Backup Bitster

Backup Bitster gives you the power to protect all your Palm's data and applications! Simply install this small utility and gain full...

By Katz & Karsai | Added November 29, 2001

PerfectDay SE

PerfectDay is the only program that will display when your Palm goes to sleep, wakes, external card inserted or removed. Two states....

By Toysoft Development | Added November 29, 2001

Top Twelve

You can launch application by writing a graffity shortcut or by tapping an icon. Up to 12 applications can be launched

By Questions | Added November 29, 2001

3x4 Silkypad

Enter numbers much faster - just press the Silkypad "keys" instead of writing Graffiti. Do not keep in mind how to write @,#,$,%, etc....

By NOVASIB | Added November 28, 2001


From the developer: ""DirPrinting is a simple program for viewing and printing directories. It offers a drive/directory window and...

By MajuSoft | Added November 28, 2001


Using this hack you will be able to use virtual keyboard and graffiti input simulteneously. Hope that it will help you to increase...

By Mevix Software | Added November 27, 2001


MosbyDrugs is a powerful combination valuepack that consists of a MosbyRX(Drug Consult) and MosbyIX (Drug Interaction analyzer). MosbyRX...

By LoneWolf Software | Added November 27, 2001


"Himando" is a meaning of "obesity level" in Japanese. This Palmware calculates the ideal weight, BMI, and the target of dieting. Animals...

By BASHI | Added November 27, 2001

Palm Radar

A unique product which will turn your Palm into a sports radar gun. Simply tap when the ball begins motion and tap when it reaches...

By Mike Friedman | Added November 27, 2001

Global Find

It doesn't known why but PalmOS can't find any text starting not from the word beginning. It can't find for example 'ex' or 'xt' in...

By Mevix Software | Added November 27, 2001


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