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CENTCOM is a simple to use program which enables you to make entries into ToDo, DateBook and MemoPad all from one simple, central form!...

By TrajectoryLabs | Added April 5, 2004

Virtual Drive Explorer

Virtual Drive Explorer â?? program designed to make access to frequently used folders of your computer easier. It is also used to...

By Godlike Developers | Added April 4, 2004


Lingo is a multilingual dictionary to translate single words from one language to another. Twelve languages are included: EN, FR, DE,...

By Patrick Hahn | Added April 3, 2004


Most of the archiver programs only can handle one ZIP file at once. ZipALot takes all the ZIP-files from one directory and extracts...

By Jean-Pierre Bergamin | Added April 2, 2004


3DOSX is a fully functional, 3D file system browser. It allows you to open multiple folder and disk hierarchies and move about them...

By MacWarriors | Added April 2, 2004

PDA Wallet

This program contains several utilities which will make your daily life easier. It includes a photo editor, ID organizer, money manager...

By Handmark | Added April 2, 2004


OnlyMe automatically locks your Palm whenever the device is turned off. OnlyMe is quick, easy, and secure. If you misplace your device,...

By Tranzoa | Added April 1, 2004

File and MP3 Tag Renamer

File and MP3 Tag Renamer is a powerful, easy-to-use multiple file and MP3 renaming utility. With this batch file renamer, you can quickly...

By 123Renamer | Added March 31, 2004


Perfboard provides an extensive readout of system performance data for Mac OS X. Areas monitored include CPU load metrics, memory statistics,...

By Pepsan & Associates | Added March 31, 2004

Dr. Regener QuickReport Viewer

Quite a number of programs use the QuickReport format to export lists, reports, and graphics. These reports may be saved as files (*.QRP)....

By GPSur Dr. Erhard Regener | Added March 30, 2004

Digital Photo Recovery

Digital Photo Recovery is a digital image recovery program designed for media recovery. The software will recover lost, deleted, and...

By photosrecovery.com | Added March 29, 2004


SilverService is a utility that allows you to define new services for the Services menu in terms of shell commands. You can then use...

By rho.org.uk | Added March 28, 2004

JAW SetKbd

Does your Mac arbitrarily change at startup the keyboard layout from the one you set in preferences? This is a still unresolved problem...

By JAW Software | Added March 28, 2004


Tired of searching your Palm OS Date Book for travel details? With Handmark Gulliver you can keep your travel plan details in one convenient...

By Handmark | Added March 27, 2004


AgentWays NowSafe 1.2 keeps your hard work and important documents safe from loss or damage, and it does so automatically and, now,...

By AgentWays | Added March 26, 2004


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