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Apple iMac CD Update

This vibration is typically caused by unbalanced CDs spinning at higher speeds in the internal CD-ROM drive. This vibration may cause...

By Apple | Added August 11, 1999

MacOS Greeter

Download a start-up greeting for your Mac OS.

By Mike's Programming Center | Added August 2, 1999

Apple G3 CD Update

The G3 CD Update installs new firmware on certain 24x CD-ROM drive mechanisms. This new firmware insures correct sleep and wakeup...

By Apple | Added July 21, 1999

Apple Ethernet speed & duplex tool

Apple Ethernet Speed & Duplex Tool is an unsupported system extension that allows you to disable the auto negotiation and set the speed...

By Apple | Added July 20, 1999

Palm Explorer

Palm Explorer installs a system explorer on your handheld. Peruse the contents of your palm-sized PC and initiate or delete files simultaneously....

By Grundle Software | Added July 16, 1999

Appearance Manager

extension for System 7.x to run some apps using OS 8 Navigation Services

By Apple | Added July 15, 1999

Mac Identifier

Designed for Mac OS 7.5 (or later) users who can't stand the thought of their Macintosh not knowing its own model designation or what...

By Jose Manuel Guerra Chapa | Added July 11, 1999

Align Utilities

AppleScript defines window and icon placement and size for OS 8.x

By lfuller | Added July 8, 1999


Apollo is a launching utility. You configure a menu containing those applications, control panels, desk accessories, folders and documents...

By Jeremy Roussak | Added July 7, 1999

Measurement Conversions Pro

Need to convert an angstrom to a micron? How about gilberts to ampere-turns? Measurement Conversions Pro contains over 900 measurement...

By Handmark | Added June 28, 1999

Apple Mac OS ROM Update

Based on customer and developer feedback, Apple has made improvements to its software for the iMac, blue & white Power Macintosh G3...

By Apple | Added June 27, 1999

Corrupt FOND Fixer

corruption fix for older style fonts only when using OS 8.6

By Hide Itoh | Added June 24, 1999

Microsoft Windows 98

Contains core MDAC components including additional OLE DB providers and ODBC drivers for various data sources. Does not contain the...

By Squeegee Software | Added June 20, 1999


By Tri-Bar Software | Added June 19, 1999


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