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Adobe FrameMaker Templates: Books and Manuals

This pack contains nine basic templates for creating long FrameMaker documents such as books, manuals, training guides, and other multichapter...

By Adobe Systems | Added October 9, 1998

Hot Door Transparency

Hot Door Transparency for Adobe Illustrator 8 for Macintosh introduces live, vector-based transparency effects within Adobe Illustrator....

By Hot Door | Added October 6, 1998


Scratch is a hand-drawn font that has a grungy feel to it--like it was done by an angry individual, going over the letters several...

By Fontastic | Added October 6, 1998

Bitstream Charter

The Charter font family by Bitstream is a collection of type that works well as a small text font. Its characters have small, Egyptian-style...

By Bitstream | Added September 29, 1998


Harmony by Hot Door introduces artists' color theory to Photoshop, so you can quickly create harmonious color schemes for use in print...

By Hot Door | Added September 17, 1998


Rennacs is a font designed to look as if it was mangled somehow and then displayed on a bad television screen. The underlying typeface...

By Fontastic | Added September 17, 1998

Font List Creator

simple, elegant font utility prints a font list in their own type face

By unknown | Added September 4, 1998


Cropper is a sans serif black typeface in which each character has two sides squared or 'cropped' off. The original face before modification...

By Fontastic | Added August 17, 1998


ComputerModern is a collection of nine fonts based on the Computer Modern family originally designed by Professor Donald Knuth for...

By Selwyn Hollis | Added August 10, 1998


FauxTeX is a collection of three fonts that can be used to create a range of mathematical expressions, from the simple to the moderately...

By Selwyn Hollis | Added August 7, 1998

Dingbat Magician

Dingbat Magician is an illustration/drawing program that allows users to manipulate Dingbat font characters and design their own patterns,...

By Jonathan Macagba | Added August 4, 1998


FONDetective takes font suitcases (via drag and drop actions) and writes a text file for each, detailing every bit of information contained...

By Greg Swann Typography | Added August 1, 1998


LaScrit raDalmeNono is a set of six fonts for the Mac that represent geometric modernism with a decorative twist. The contemporary...

By GemJm | Added June 2, 1998


If you work with fonts, chances are you need some help in organizing your collection of type. MacFont can provide that organization...

By Bruno Di Gleria | Added May 21, 1998

Simple Font

Simple Font is the new Freeware version of Font List. It can't print, but it allows a quick view of all the installed fonts in your...

By Sascha Leib | Added April 22, 1998


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