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El Verbo Simple

El Verbo Simple is an application perfect for mastering the intricacies of Spanish verb conjugation. It features:A conjugator capable...

By Jason Sluzevich | Added February 12, 2000


Create your personal Kaleidoscope! Create your pattern in the easy to use design window and watch as KurioScope! mirrors the image....

By Unvisible Universe Software | Added February 11, 2000

Palm Mirror (CE palmtop, SH3)

This program allows you to turn your palmtop PC into a mirror.

By Information Technologies India | Added December 20, 1999


EZTip calculates the tip amount/percentage and itemizes a bill for as many as 15 people. With EZTip, you enter a few numbers, press...

By Jane Halfond | Added December 7, 1999


With Scriptware scriptwriting software you have the fastest, easiest and most powerful way to get the story that's in your head onto...

By Cinovation | Added October 17, 1999

YP Waves

YP Waves simulates up to 3 traveling sine waves simultaneously. It is easy to change the amplitude, wavelength, velocity and phase...

By Yves Pelletier | Added August 25, 1999

YP Gear

YP Gear has been designed for the study of gear trains. This Macintosh software simulates the motion of a gear train composed of 2,...

By Yves Pelletier | Added August 20, 1999


AquaLog 3.0 is a program designed by ArcTan Technologies to record and keep track of all records associated with maintaining an aquarium....

By ArcTan Technologies | Added March 15, 1999

Album Builder

Album Builder is a program that lets you create composite pages of images and related text for inclusion in a photo album. Individual...

By Sound Vision | Added October 9, 1998


PeriodicTable provides you with a convenient copy of the periodic table of the elements. The table features complete group and period...

By Intrepid Software Solutions | Added September 23, 1998

SudsLite (CE handheld)

SudsLite is the ultimate companion for the on-the-go brewer. Now brewers can enter important data into a database that has fields for...

By The Old Library Shop | Added August 18, 1998

LogSat Professional

LogSat Professional lets you follow the paths of multiple satellites simultaneously by using several map projections. The program features...

By LogSat Software | Added October 5, 1997

Dino Trilogy

Dino Trilogy includes three exciting Windows-based educational games for children aged 5 through 12. Help Derik the Dinosaur rescue...

By DynoTech Software | Added August 18, 1997

GeoGenius USA

Test your knowledge of the 50 United States! GeoGenius USA is a fun and educational program featuring full-screen color maps and interactivity...

By LittleFingers Software | Added January 16, 1997


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