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Wire Buddy

Wire Buddy is a calculation reference tool for Electricians and Maintenance personnel. Wire Buddy was created for the Maintenance Electrician....

By IOpath software | Added August 29, 2001

Holiday Fun for Kids

Holiday Fun for Kids has holiday programs aimed at kids from 3 to 12, but can be enjoyed by all. Games include Gift Match, Where's...

By KIDware Software | Added August 28, 2001

Homebrew Calculator

Homebrew Calculator lets you record your home brew recipe information. Useful for novice through advanced brewers, it calculates bitterness,...

By Homeworks Software | Added August 27, 2001

Mouse Clocker

This program is designed to track how far your mouse pointer has traveled on your screen over a given amount of time. It can also be...

By StainMaster Programming | Added August 27, 2001


Numero is an easy to use name and birthdate utility for numerologers. It will calculate the numbers on the fly as you type a name....

By HaBarbadi | Added August 26, 2001

From My Kitchen

From My Kitchen offers a new concept for PC recipe management. Rather than load the file with generic recipes that may not appeal to...

By Computer Ease | Added August 14, 2001

Al Morale

Al Morale is a sanity saver. He sits in a cube on your desktop and gives you an hilarious simulation of life at the top of the pecking...

By Bodine Training Games | Added July 31, 2001

Vehicle Project Planner

Vehicle Project Planner was designed to help the weekend mechanic or the professional autorestoration shop track vehicle projects in...

By Peedle Technologies | Added July 27, 2001

Rhythm & Bio

This download is a freeware app that can build and analyze your biorhythms, specifically tracking three cyclic curves initialized at...

By Delemme Diffusion | Added July 23, 2001

YP Vernier

With YP Vernier, it is easy to learn how to use a vernier to measure length with great precision. YP Vernier simulates a vernier caliper...

By Yves Pelletier | Added June 28, 2001

Scholar's Aid Lite

If you are writing a term paper, research paper, or dissertation, you have probably already experienced the hassle of finding quotes...

By Scholar's Aid | Added June 18, 2001

Game Listing

From the developer: "Game Listing helps you keep track of what games you have loaned out and who you loaned them to, be it console...

By Chris Knowles' Programming | Added June 18, 2001

Dhamma by Numbers

In the Buddha's teachings, many aspects of the doctrine are taught in the form of numbered lists (eg. 4 Noble Truths, 5 aggregates,...

By CompleatMac | Added June 9, 2001


Enhance cosinor method for calculation of circadian chronobiological rythms. Cosinor parameters (Mesor, acrophase) are calculated from...

By SEPTMR | Added June 7, 2001


Helps certified divers do everything they do with manual dive tables except faster and more accurately. When you violate diving rules,...

By Scooba Software | Added June 2, 2001


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