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ART: Accelerated Reading Technology

ART is a program that lets you read any text file (including emails) at as much as 5 times your normal reading speed, without any training....

By Systemics | Added October 13, 2001

Depression Glass

This is a collector's inventory program. It easily keeps track of every item in your glassware collection. A simple, easy-to-use interface...

By MPW Software | Added October 12, 2001

PM Greeting Puzzle

PM Greeting Puzzle 1.0 is the first software to create a photo greeting card in a form of a computer puzzle game. Play and send puzzle...

By Stoik Software | Added September 28, 2001

Vallen Dispersion

An application to calculate dispersion curves for plate waves as they occur in thin plates. Vallen Dispersion can be used stand-alone...

By Vallen-Systeme | Added September 24, 2001

Blackjack Mentor for Windows

The ultimate Blackjack teaching tool! It's not a game: it's an easy and fun instructional program that will help you remember proper...

By DeepNet Technologies | Added September 24, 2001


MoviePhile is a shareware database useful for keeping track of your video collection, whether it consists of movies (any format), tapes...

By Crabtree Creative | Added September 21, 2001


Displays messages with a random selection of one of over 50 icons and your choice of text for the OK button. Has a library in plain...

By Hunt Taylor | Added September 19, 2001

A2Z Recipe File

A2Z Recipe File is a cookbook program. Use this tool for organizing recipes on your computer. This software combines easy to use features...

By A2ZWare | Added September 19, 2001

Property Tracker

Software to manage financial records associated with property investments in Australia. Track various things such as receipts, payments,...

By Otter Software | Added September 16, 2001

Organize all your CDs DVDs

With this program you can organize all your audio sources. You can search on Main title, Artist, Title, Composer, Keyword etc. The...

By Monicom Software | Added September 12, 2001

Oscar Wilde's

This is a timeless classic of children's literature. The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde, was originally published in 1888, and is still...

By Electric Empires | Added September 11, 2001


After fifteen years of producing LifeFocus software for corporate employees, we have released IIPlan for individuals. IIPlan draws...

By TwpPlan | Added September 11, 2001

Study Buddy Quizzer Student Edition

Affordable testing software for students to create powerful custom tests. Add graphics, sounds, movies, notes, explanations and more...

By Fast Current Software | Added September 10, 2001

Writer's Database

This program is a database system that enables writers to keep track of the works they have created, the potential publishers they...

By Ultima Thule | Added September 6, 2001

Zip Searcher Candaian Version

Zip Searcher provides information on cities, provinces, and, of course, postal codes. The program supports a variety of search options....

By All Stats Software | Added September 5, 2001


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