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MemoList is a Waba control for displaying the names of available memos on the Palm. It is an extension of TextScroll (above). You should...

Added Jan 7, 2001 by Timothy Lipetz

VizSync Address Book Runtime Demo

This is a fully functional demo of the VizSync conduit that allows you to synchronize your Palm Address Book with your FileMaker...

Added Sep 9, 2003 by VizMotion Incorporated


Developer tool to store RPNs (reverse polish notation strings) and generate RegistrationCodes based on HotSync User Names. Application is...

Added Jul 14, 2008 by MetaViewSoft


McColors is used to display all colors available on a Palm Connected Organizer. Great for developers who what to see what the default...

Added Nov 18, 2006 by Mike McCollister


Quick Snap is PalmOS® system utility to capture the current screen. Quick Snap saves the current screen resolution as a JPG...

Added Jan 26, 2005 by Toysoft Development


CondInst is a developer tool used during installations of conduits. Instead of creating a new CondInst.dll and pci.exe pr. conduit, you...

Added Jul 14, 2007 by Schau.Com

NewBie Bitmap

This software includes a copy of "Hello World" sample source code that explains how to display/hide a bitmap. To all newbie...

Added Jan 26, 2001 by Andrew Lee

Salsa Studio Mild Edition For Palm

Salsa Studio Mild ASP edition v2.6 for PALM PQA is the freeware version of the Salsa Studio from Salsa Systems, Inc. Using WYSIWYG palm...

Added Jan 8, 2002 by Salsa Systems


Shell Link provides an automated way of copying resources from one file to another. It provides a script-based language similar to Shell...

Added May 15, 2002 by Sands USA

EHF (Event Handler Framework)

The EHF (Event Handler Framework) is a library for developing Palm OS applications that makes it easy to route events through your...

Added Dec 18, 2001 by DependTech


A program to show you an XML tree on your Pilot. Get your data from the internet or from your memopad.

Added Aug 12, 2000 by A. Fischer


Shell Maker is a scripting language for creating Shell apps for PDA Toobox(tm) applications to add new features and extend the...

Added May 15, 2002 by The Marketing Guys

Color Picker

Do you program in COLOR on the Palm? If so, you need this program! Just click on a color shown and it will display the palette color...

Added Apr 10, 2001 by

VizSync ToDo List

VizSync is the first in a line of conduits allowing synchronization to occur between native Palm OS applications and FileMaker Pro...

Added Jul 18, 2003 by VizMotion Incorporated