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Bomb Other

Bomb Other is a traditional 2-D Strategy game, player aims to kill the oppoent by their cannon fire. It is simular to a old windows...

By Perfect Softwares | Added May 17, 2001


A simple but nice puzzle-game, bring the numbers in the right order ... similar to a game you have on some Nokiaphones, but with slightly...

By Sebastian Laiblin | Added May 17, 2001

Gomoku Pro

Fun board game that is easy to learn but hard to master. You play against the computer, laying out Xs and Os. The object is to build...

By Atomax | Added May 17, 2001

Cartman's Authoritah

Play as South Park's Eric Cartman in this Super Mario style platform game. Run, jump, and shoot your way through eight levels--plus...

By Megaderek | Added May 17, 2001

The Creed demo (3Dfx)

Welcome to Outpost IV, the condemned planet. Here, in the city of Cerberus, danger lurks behind every corner. You don't know whom to...

By Insomnia Entertainment | Added May 15, 2001

Card Tricks

Amaze your self and others with mind reading abilities that this program has to offer. This program is absolutely free for all to...

By SWTranzoa | Added May 13, 2001


Maybe not everyone like it, but it's a classic game. The first time I saw it is about 7 years ago. I played this game on my 80286 PC...

By SWTranzoa | Added May 13, 2001


Bounce a ball by putting bubbles.You can register your high score in WWW.

By Synergy Solutions | Added May 12, 2001


The Ultimate Backgammon for Palm OS. SlapGammon Basic FeaturesPlay money games or matches up to 25 pointsExpert strength computer opponentWorks...

By Andrew Brault | Added May 11, 2001

SuperDaleks (OS X)

SuperDaleks is a game of strategy. Each time you move on the board, the daleks move one square closer to you. If two or more daleks...

By Steven Simon | Added May 10, 2001

Dragon Hunter Pinball

Dragon Hunter Pinball is a pinball game for the PalmPilot. With the side buttons as your flippers, you can hunt the dragon as you play...

By Stand Alone | Added May 9, 2001

Netprofit Casino

Sophisticated online gambling suite that allows you to play for real money or just for fun in demo mode with $1,000 worth of chips....

By Jorge Davila | Added May 9, 2001

Bridge Builder

This is a cool logic/strategy game. It's a very small program yet very addictive. You must build a brige with a certain budget and...

By Chronic Logic | Added May 8, 2001


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