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Shoot enemies with rotate missile.

By SKM1503 | Added March 3, 2002


Pipe over numbers for bonus points, run out of time and see the crap flow faster. Let the crap spill, and you'll lose a life. Plug...

By John Parrish | Added March 1, 2002


Bet money on some slugs and watch them run. You can customize your slugs' names and colors, so you can give the slugs names of particularly...

By Stephan Kleinert | Added March 1, 2002

Hex Appeal

Hex Appeal is an original puzzle game designed and created by Ronan Dowling. The aim of the game is to unscramble a hexagonal grid...

By BigFishLittleFish Software | Added February 28, 2002


A strategy board game where players must connect four pieces to win. Supports two player mode as well as any level of computer opponent...

By Twilight Games | Added February 28, 2002


Japanese crossword is a deciphered picture. You have a playing field with rows and columns, each of them is described by some number....

By YavSoft | Added February 27, 2002


19 different layouts, 2 tile types and personal high score list for each one. Match the tiles that have a least one side free.

By Jetacer Interactive | Added February 27, 2002

Tropical Nights (PocketPC, StrongARM)

Tropical Nights is a Video Poker machine that sets a new standard for mobile gaming applications. Play Jacks or Better and have a true...

By Captain Mobile / Overloaded | Added February 26, 2002


A free arcade/action/puzzle/ game for the PC. You play an alien who's come to Earth to abduct as many strange creatures as possible...

By AdF Software | Added February 26, 2002

South Park: Hell's Balls

The Pong-style arcade game is not your usual South Park clone. Featuring Mr. Garrison and his sidekick, Mr. Hat, amid a hailstorm of...

By Sheila Na Gig | Added February 25, 2002

3D Soma Puzzle

3D Soma Puzzle is a three-dimensional logic game that challenges you to assemble various figures with the colored irregular blocks....

By YavSoft | Added February 25, 2002


Play the classic game of Bridge anywhere on your Palm Powered handheld. Bridge for Palm OS uses a modified version of the Standard...

By Stand Alone | Added February 24, 2002


Tired of games that look good but have all the game play squeezed out of them? We are too! That's why we created AstroPak. It includes...

By Old School Software | Added February 22, 2002

Pocket Ludo

Pocket Ludo for the Pocket PC is a one or two player board game based on an ancient Indian game of dice. Use a combination of strategy...

By Micaceler Software | Added February 22, 2002

Pocket Mancala

Mancala is a strategy game that originated in Africa long ago, played by moving stones around a number of pits. The objective of the...

By Micaceler Software | Added February 21, 2002


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