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Flits Draughts

Flits Draughts is a draughts program for the International 10x10 game type. Play against Flits, the multiple Dutch champion computer...

By Klaas Bor | Added 8 hours ago

Catch the dot

This is a simple game with 1 rule: catch the dot. You need to catch the blue dot by creating a trap of orange dots around the blue...

By | Added 8 hours ago

Line 98

Classic Lines 98Simple Lines 98Line 98Easy to play, but hard to be an expert!The scoring method is same game Line 98 in windown, and...

By | Added 8 hours ago


888 best Application. Selecting best 888 application for your enjoyment.The number of apps on the play store is staggering, millions...

By Shimon Levi | Added 8 hours ago

Vanilla or Chocolate

This is the prisoner's base game going to expand the position across the chip of the opponent in their own chips .However , the goal...

By LapisBlue | Added 8 hours ago


It is played on a large plastic mat that is spread on the floor or ground. The mat has four rows of large colored circles on it with...

By Yakovlev Vladimir | Added 8 hours ago

Ordinary Checkers

Play checkers with friends or with Android. In the settings you can choose the color side and one in five game modes: - Russian checkers...

By vasiliytrudov | Added 8 hours ago

Wheel Board King

Go with Wheel Board King to see what is the animal with number, and if you are lucky, guess and bet them to win.Upload your point to...

By Sothea Biz | Added 8 hours ago

Virus war: Hexagon

This is a simple puzzle game, similar to the famous game Hexagon.In a game added 3 difficulty levels.Rules of the game:1. Chips player...

By AAA+ Software | Added 8 hours ago

Dac Jump Pixel get 11 level

A new game of Dac series is coming! All 8bit retro style design. Do you remember the old FC game console? Do you remember you played...

By gamedevjustin | Added 8 hours ago

More Than 99

A simple but exciting board game that challenges you to outwit the computer. Instructions included! Can you beat your own records and...

By PuppyKittenFlower Game Studios | Added 8 hours ago


Assuming the role as either the president of the United States of America, the Russian Federation or the Peoples Republic of China....

By Paul Rocks | Added 8 hours ago


You arrange five battleships on the left can move ant rotate them.And start game.You guess where battleships are,and tap...

By Narutan | Added 8 hours ago

Snakes and Ladders Online

Snakes and Ladders Online is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic It is played between two or more players...

By SpanasGames | Added 8 hours ago

warhammer dice card kit

a selection of dice sorted into 1d6 2d6 3d6 4d6 6d6 8d6 and 12d6 colour bands.including 12 small red 'lives'diceso you can see them...

By Mark McCauley a.k.a. SgtSmileyUK | Added 8 hours ago

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