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Compete against the Computer Stratego World Champion! Select among hundreds of popular game options, like Aggression and One-time Bombs....

Added May 14, 2009 by Imersatz


Addictive, ambient, unusual and fun puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch.How to play:================Flood all boxes with one color...

Added Mar 6, 2012 by IC CODE ltd.

Fearless Cubs Free

A bunch of cubs finally found a place to be their playgroundA Cliff!!!.These fun-loving cubs will jump off the cliff. Your task is to...

Added Apr 5, 2012 by ICodeFast


The animals are falling and you must Catch'em! This is the full version of the game.* 27 levels of animal mayhem* Catch the animals...

Added Feb 29, 2012 by Bad Monkey Games


Assemble your transformers with Cubes!Check whether your Cube transformer is powerful enough to defeat countless enemies in the outer...

Added Mar 13, 2012 by ACE Studio

New iHockey Pro

- Play with the Computer- Play with Your Friends- Play with Any TimeHow to play:**************Simply Just Click On The Red Controller And...

Added Apr 20, 2012 by HoangNam

Jocly Chopsticks

This application features 3 variants of Chopsticks: regular, leftover and exact.This version does not contain any ad.

Added Apr 7, 2012 by ACLAP

Pixel Wars

Discover an addictive & intense retro high quality graphics shooter game with upbeat sound effects!!!Your mission: Stay alive and...

Added Apr 20, 2012 by BenvsWeb

A Kaizo World HD

Kaizo World HD is he and this brand new 2D side scrolling is here with brand new adventures, new enemies and new power ups!Kaizo has lost...

Added Apr 21, 2012 by Creative Designs


This is the Ad-Free Version of Photo-ChopYou can create your on Puzzle ~GUY~ Let have fun together

Added Apr 19, 2012 by TCBG

Catch'em Lite

The animals are falling and you must Catch'em! This is the first 10 levels of the full Catch'em game including 2 secret...

Added Apr 20, 2012 by Bad Monkey Games