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Chinese Chess

Xiangqi (Chinese: ; pinyin: xiangqi), also called Chinese chess, is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular...

By TriPeaks Solitaire | Added January 16, 2018

Ludo Game

Ludo board game is fun and hilarious game to play with friends and family. It is King of all board games, lets you share some wonderful...

By BlackLight Studio Works | Added January 16, 2018

Ludo 2018 king of the board game -new-

Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids.Ludo Game is Download for Free!Ludo is a king of board game.Ludo game is played...

By Top-Developper | Added January 16, 2018

Premium Chess 3D

Premium chess game in 3D.Immersive environment.Premium marble chess board and pieces.Pinch or stretch to zoom out or in.Pan to rotate...

By quan lin | Added January 12, 2018


Play a game of classic Boggle with BoggleBoard.On startup, you can select one of three modes: Single-player, Multi-player, and Dictionary....

By Peter Welsh | Added January 12, 2018

Chess Master World

Master Chess*Features:- Chess game with nice graphic user interface- Many levels from weak to strong AI algorithm when play versus...

By PlearnPlearn | Added January 11, 2018

Password Express companion app

Password Express is a board game by Roberto Pisonero Trapote, artwork by Pedro Soto and co-edited by Looping Games and Brain Picnic.In...

By Playtypus | Added January 11, 2018

Canadian checkers

Canadian checkers (or Canadian draughts) is a variant of the strategy board game draughts. It is one of the largest draughts games,...

By Alexandr Firsov | Added January 11, 2018

Brazilian checkers

Brazilian Checkers (or Brazilian draughts) is a variant of the strategy board game draughts. Brazilian Checkers follows the same rules...

By Alexandr Firsov | Added January 11, 2018

Color Mix

Do you choose two colors to make one color?There are three chances.

By joospapa | Added January 11, 2018

Mahjong Pony Solitaire

Pony Mahjong is a free mahjong matching game. This premium quality game is your perfect match for playing some relaxing Mahjong. Mahjong...

By DagaduLab | Added January 11, 2018

GreedyGammon Backgammon

Play backgammon against a strong computer opponent. Learn how to play backgammon by competing against a world class player. The computer...

By Maareyes Solomon | Added September 21, 2016

Quack - Russian Chess

* Game rules *- Place the piece on the board horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win the game.- There are two large, medium,...

By JU EUNG LEE | Added January 10, 2018

Chess with AI - A Project by Jake Present

This app features a fully functional chess engine. Play against your friends or the cunning Artificial Intelligence (AI), which comes...

By Jake Present | Added January 10, 2018

Sub Terra Companion App

Companion App for the award-winning survival horror tabletop game, Sub Terra from Inside the Box Board Games.Immerse yourself in the...

By Inside the Box | Added January 10, 2018


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