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Coconut Horse

Turn up the volume, slip it in your pocket and pretend you're riding a horse. Your iPhone will make noises to your footsteps. Great...

Added Aug 20, 2008 by Egerter Software

The American By Henry James

The 19th century novel features a young wealthy American businessman who travels to France and falls in love with an elegant French...

Added Jul 24, 2008 by AppEngines

Shadows Never Sleep

Shadows Never Sleep is a children's story create by Aya Karpinska, in which we follow a restless shadow on a nighttime adventure.

Added Jul 28, 2008 by 360mind

Bounce Thumb Workout

Get ready for an intergalactic bouncing adventure with the famous Jirbo characters! Poke these cuddly creatures as they bounce around...

Added Aug 13, 2008 by Jirbo

Emma by Jane Austen

Set in Regency England, the heroine of this novel is Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy young lady who fancies herself a matchmaker.

Added Jul 23, 2008 by AppEngines

CompleteSoundboard 2

This soundboard includes 57 sounds that are classified into their respective categories. The categories include animals, musical...

Added Aug 20, 2008 by AAApplications

iLaugh Sound Machine

For those of you that need to hear laughter sounds coming from your iPhone or iPod Touch - iLaugh Sound Machine is for you. Maybe you...

Added Aug 7, 2008 by

Cartoon Sound Machine

Hear cartoon sounds on your iPhone. Cartoon Sound Machine allows you to hear one silly sound or many depending on how many buttons you...

Added Aug 7, 2008 by

Roughing it by Mark Twain

This is a travel memoir about Twain's stagecoach trip through the Wild West with humorous and fanciful anecdotes.

Added Jul 23, 2008 by AppEngines

iSoundlike Cartoons

iSoundlike Cartoons is a premium collection of classic Cartoon sound effects. With a tap of the screen you trigger one of 16 wacky...

Added Oct 7, 2008 by FunMobility