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RAM Disk Backup

Backs up your RAM disk to a location you choose, and optionally restores that backup to the disk. Run at any time, or put in your Startup...

By Hunt Taylor | Added December 5, 2000

Reorder Disk Icons

Reorder Disk Icons is a useful AppleScript Applet that change the order of the disk icons like it was before the Finder 8.5. The pre...

By Opus Software | Added November 22, 2000

Palm Synch-n-Quit

This script runs the Palm Serial Port Monitor (SPM), then quits it after a the Conduit Manager quits so you don't have to remember...

By Joseph C. Slater | Added November 20, 2000


Simple straight-forward stopwatch. Supports Start/Stop/Reset/Lap operations. Times up to 99 hours in 1/10 second increments. Also supports...

By delete | Added November 16, 2000

Start Menu Cleaner

Start Menu Cleaner is a freeware utility that removes unneeded shortcuts and folders added by most programs during installation. These...

By Mithril Software | Added November 13, 2000


There are few things worse than starting to download the latest game demo or some big movie, then discovering that the thing won't...

By Balthazor's Software Site | Added October 26, 2000

multiDesk 2001

Virtual Desktop for experts. Fast, Small, Reliable and Easy to Use. Does not take up your valuable screen space.

By TechSuperior | Added October 25, 2000

Red Bird's Quick Scripts

This is a collection of AppleScript scripts designed to preform common tasks automatically. Included in this release: Browser Chomper,...

By Red Bird Island | Added October 21, 2000


BibGene is a BibTeX-compatible Macintosh application for maintaining databases of references to scientific papers. BibGene was designed...

By unknown | Added October 14, 2000

Message Express Lite

Message Express Lite sends simple short messages (SMS) from Mac desktop, using a cellphone with built-in modem connected to either...

By ID express Oy | Added October 9, 2000


AppleScript that will periodically change your desktop picture during a session. You can configure it to only run during certain hours,...

By unknown | Added October 6, 2000


Closes your windows when you drag them outside the screen.Out! plays a sound randomly chosen in the 'Out! Sounds Folder' inside your...

By Kebawe | Added September 25, 2000

Launch Pack

Launch Pack 1.0 is a simple drag & drop utility to create little launcher documents that open multiple applications, documents and...

By Erich Rast | Added September 19, 2000


A free Macintosh SCSI and ATA disk editor. Warning: Like all disk editors, Sedit can damage your disk and erase data if used impr...

By Sentient Software | Added September 17, 2000

DesignWorkshop Lite

Design-oriented 3D modeling with walk-through and presentation rendering

By Artifice | Added September 16, 2000


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