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Allows the user to keep any Windows Program in view on the desktop. Just drag the HeldUp icon from the system tray and drop it on the...

By | Added January 23, 2002


Hack-It is a window manipulation program. It allows you to control any window on your system in several different ways not normally...

By Headius | Added January 23, 2002


BarLaunch is a program launcher. Various programs, files, and folders can be opened only by clicking the button. BarLaunch is a program...

By Yagi, Kuniyoshi | Added January 22, 2002


Message box viewer. Use for Desktop information or instructions box.or to spiff up and print from DOS batch files. Includes simple...

By Berkeley Designing Company | Added January 20, 2002

Shutdown Utility

This handy little shutdown utility allows you to logoff, shutdown, or reboot Windows 2000 via a shortcut or via the command line. This...

By | Added January 18, 2002


Ever seen your mouse arrow turn into a house fly? DotMouse does so. It simply rotates your mouse cursor to the direction you move it....

By | Added January 17, 2002


An Applescript application which mimics the behaviour of the Classic Mac OS trash: Files dragged to the Wastebasket icon will be moved...

By Andrew Spark | Added January 15, 2002

Doublet Scan

Doublet Scan is a fast, easy, and professional way to find all kinds of duplicate files and more on your hard disks. Compare the contents...

By Hyperbolic Software | Added January 14, 2002

Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA/133 Controller

SiI 0680 is a standalone Ultra ATA/133 host controller designed to accommodate the transfer of large amounts of content-rich data common...

By Silicon Image | Added January 14, 2002


WinShut is a little tool to shutdown or reboot your system with a single mouse click. Now you may ask 'What the hell do I need this...

By | Added January 14, 2002


FlexTouch is a keyboard shortcut utility that lets you instantly control Winamp player, load your favorite Winamp play lists, quickly...

By Artyom Kamshilin | Added January 12, 2002


BitmapEx is a shareware program that allows you to 'skin' your toolbar with any Bitmap, JPEG, or GIF image. You can use any on your...

By Plutosoft | Added January 12, 2002


SnapShotPro is a Screen capture Utility that sits in the system tray next to the clock. It takes a screen shot of the active window,...

By Utility Software | Added January 10, 2002


vMemo is your virtual Notepad! But it is not one of the usual notepads you can find out there, where you write your memos down. With...

By Red Byte Software | Added January 9, 2002

iPhoto to OmniGraffle Album Export

Installation instructions:The plugin should unpack itself after it is done downloading. If you should see a folder named "GraffleExport.iPhotoExporter"...

By The Omni Group | Added January 8, 2002


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