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Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor is a free utility for the Macintosh that allows you to easily view the status of all of the volumes mounted on your desktop....

By Jude Giampaolo | Added December 15, 2001

Lexicon Lite

Lexicon Lite creates a backup of your Office XP speech-recognition dictionary. You can restore the backup in case of accidental data...

By SpeechStudio Incorporated | Added December 5, 2001

Unit Calculator

This program converts units bits and bytes, distance, plane, voume, speed, temperature, mass, and energy. It converts every normal...

By Digital Solutions | Added December 4, 2001


InfoManager is a complete information management system for the Macintosh. InfoManager integrates and greatly enhances many essential...

By MacEase | Added December 3, 2001

4Screens Pro

4Screens helps you manage and run many more applications simultaneously by creating four separate Windows Screens, each with it's own...

By EZY2USE | Added November 28, 2001


Typeator is an advanced AppleScript used for setting the type and creator codes common to all Macintosh files. � It can set codes...

By Really Early Morning Software | Added November 25, 2001


PCTools is a package that install binchunker, unRAR and unACE command line tools. Binchunker is a tool that convert PC made CD image...

By Nykos software | Added November 24, 2001

Troi Ranges Plug-in

The powerful Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro uses a starting date and an ending date to generate a range of values between those two...

By Troi Automatisering | Added November 22, 2001


Easy to use wallpaper changer utility ever made for Windows. Incorporated with a lot of cool and outstanding features such as ability...

By Tropical Wares | Added November 22, 2001

Mouse Odometer

Mouse Odometer is a free mouse-tracking program that measures the distance your mouse has traveled on the screen. With every mile that...

By Introspect Software | Added November 19, 2001

Turkey Time Screensaver

How would you like to have your screen filled with Turkeys? Now you can with the FREE interactive IT'S TURKEY TIME SCREEN SAVER. Press...

By ApeZone | Added November 19, 2001

Event Manager

Event Manager is a simple, yet powerful Windows task scheduler, launcher and automation program which allows you to launch any number...

By SRO Software | Added November 19, 2001

Mac Uptime

As know from various unixes, this little program displays the uptime (the time its running without reboot, crash or something) of your...

By Heiko Kretschmer | Added November 17, 2001

SP Shell Icons

A program which will change all Windows system icons to its own - 3D analog. Among it 'Start' button, Desktop, 'My Computer', Default...

By Andrew N. Balahonov | Added November 11, 2001

Apple Address Book Importer

Address Book Importer allows you to easily import contact information from LDIF files into your 10.1 Address Book. Address Book Importer...

By Apple | Added November 7, 2001


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