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Formula Calculator

This is a compact powerful formula calculator which understands major mathematical functions (trigonometric, hyperbolic, raising to...

By MVsoft Co | Added April 11, 2000

Assessor for Teachers

Assess your students with style and save time . Assessor helps teachers prepare assessment plans, mark asssessment tasks, record marks...

By Marino Software | Added March 27, 2000


Rub-a-Dub was developed as a tool for teaching basic computer skills to young children.Beginning, as early as age three, children...

By Arts & Letters | Added March 27, 2000

Air and Exhaust Gas Properties

Air and Exhaust Gas Properties is an MS Windows application that calculates the properties of air/exhaust gases within a wide range...

By Taftan Data | Added March 27, 2000

Civil War Trivia

Did Antietam come before or after Gettysburg? In what state did the battle of Manassas take place? In which battle did 800 Cherokees...

By Cascoly Software | Added March 27, 2000

123 Flash Me

123 Flash Me is a teaching tool which aims to facilitate the memorization process through the use of computerized flash cards. The...

By Feducate Software | Added March 6, 2000


Mendeleev is a molecular weight calculator for Palm devices. I wrote this program because (1) I'm a chemist, so I thought it would...

By Robert Zehner | Added January 28, 2000

YP Magnetic Force

study the magnetic force on an electric charge

By unknown | Added January 8, 2000


Hawk visualizes information structures in database systems and other data sources. By defining semantic variables (much like Fuzzy...

By unknown | Added November 29, 1999

YP Electric Field

draws lines of force and equipotential lines near electric charges

By unknown | Added September 27, 1999


iMac styled replacement calculator, comes in all five fruit flavors.

By Sideways Graphics & Design | Added August 27, 1999

Music Ace 2

Music Ace 2, the second title in the Music Ace series from Harmonic Vision, is designed for beginning and intermediate students. Featuring...

By Harmonic Vision | Added July 26, 1999

Advantix Calculator

Advantix Calculator is an integrated mathematical tool that assist students studying Algebra, Linear Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus,...

By MathEduSoft | Added July 10, 1999

Aros Fractals

explore classical fractal images at extremely high resolutions

By Aros Magic | Added June 5, 1999


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