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SuperCon 2000

From the developer: "SuperCon 2000 contains 67 physical quantities and 760 units. Since the conversion factors are of significant figures...

By Tek Design | Added November 21, 2002

Lookup Filipino

Lookup Filipino is a simple English-Tagalog-English shareware dictionary with roughly 20,000 lookup terms. It is easy to use, small...

By Halldor Gislason | Added November 15, 2002


Astronomy for the palm OS. Lunar helps you observe the Moon by showing you the phases, the position in its orbit around Earth, the...

By Hans Anger | Added November 13, 2002


GraphSight is a convenient tool to plot and explore 2D math functions. You may plot several function in the same window, create several...

By Cradle Fields | Added November 12, 2002

PSP Carbohydrate Counter

Gives carbohydrate info for 6000 foods (useful for Atkins and other diets); also has calorie, protein, fat, sodium, fiber, and other...

By Strat-Tech | Added November 10, 2002

Ray's Letters and Numbers

Free, fun to use educational software for children aged 3-6. A great way to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting, simple spelling,...

By Ray Le Couteur Educational | Added November 9, 2002


From the developer: ""Ever needed to read data from a paper plot using your ruler and calculator? Got frustrated by a skewed copy or...

By Tencon | Added November 7, 2002

Calorie Counter - Program for a Small Planet

From the developer: ""The program lists calories and other nutrients and helps you analyze over 6000 foods from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture...

By Strat-Tech | Added November 7, 2002


From the developer: "Do you need a graphing calculator but can't afford the 100 dollar TI's? Would you like a cheaper way to put your...

By Omniscient Solutions | Added November 6, 2002

PWS Excel Add-in

From the developer: "Properties of Water & Steam is a software package designed for anyone who needs to have accurate properties of...

By Tencon | Added November 6, 2002

'boutTime Time Calculator

From the developer: "The 'boutTime Calculator is a quick and easy way to do mathematic calculations with units of time. It also performs...

By Prime Time Software | Added November 5, 2002

Astounding Secrets

From the developer: "Astounding secrets and forbidden knowledge revealed! Learn secrets of street magic, bar bets, mentalists, psychics,...

By TEK Marketing | Added November 4, 2002


From the developer: "Displays stars in 3 dimensions, and shows the night sky as it would look from any star or any point in space,...

By EKN Enterprises | Added November 4, 2002

Advantage Cooking

From the developer: "The complete solution for cooking multiple meal all at once. Start with the Cooking Day Planner and the Recipe...

By Custom Access | Added November 3, 2002


Freeware utility program to convert between engineering units.

By Nick Howes | Added November 1, 2002


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