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AW Danish-English Dictionary

Danish-English (Dansk-Engelsk) Dictionary. 2705 words. This dictionary contains the most used words and it is perfect word set to fit...

By Paul Postuma | Added December 13, 2001

AW Aircraft Terms & Abbreviations

Aircraft Terms and Abbreviations. 320 words. This dictionary contains the terms and abbreviations related to aircraft and flight. Freeware:...

By AbsoluteWord | Added December 13, 2001

Math Easy for Excel

Whether a beginner or an expert, Math Easy makes spreadsheet math so fast and simple you will wonder why it was not included with Excel...

By Seamless Solutions | Added December 13, 2001

Adastra Plus

Adastra Plus is a complete astronomy experience that offers real-time sky, comprehensive reports, animation, and live orbital tracking....

By Coeli Software Products | Added December 11, 2001


StageGrow is a single-species population modeling application that brings the complexity of matrix models to an easy to use graphical...

By IGG Software | Added December 9, 2001

Multiple Integration

MULTIPLE INTEGRATION is an easy to use, intuitive program to numerically perform definite multiple integration. You can predefine constants...

By Orlando Mansur | Added December 6, 2001

eBook Ideas

eBook Ideas will give you information to help you decide what to write about, how to complile it into eBook format and where to promote,...

By Tracie Johansen | Added December 6, 2001


Tejina is an interactive dictionary for Japanese characters. With information on more than 2000 characters, unique features like handwriting...

By INCORS | Added December 6, 2001


SCalc is a scientific calculator for the palm. It includes features such as: * popup functionality with paste to clipboard * double...

By Sander Niemeijer | Added December 5, 2001

Hang Man

A classic game for practicing vocabulary and spelling. Why is 'Hang Man' a classic? It combines a lot of great qualities. There is...

By PerLingua Language Tools | Added December 3, 2001

Rider Tarot - Fairy Edition

Rider Tarot - The Greatest Arcane is an esoteric game based on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck. Rider Tarot may be played with either...

By Quality Management Solutions | Added December 2, 2001


DeutReader supports the use of the Bible in an everyday computer setting. It allows you to find a verse or passage in the King James...

By Computer Vision Research | Added December 1, 2001


BoneUp is the most flexible and complete quiz program available. BoneUp supports 86 different quizzing combinations including: type...

By Troy Oppor | Added November 27, 2001


This program draws chaotic fractal images, called Strange Attractors, and those with other math functions. It can either do it randomly...

By CyberDyne Systems | Added November 26, 2001


Aquapilot is an aquarium maintenance tracking system for PalmOS Devices. Aquapilot can track an unlimited number of aquariums and a...

By Lonesome Roads Software Design | Added November 26, 2001


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