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Joiner is application intended for joining of multimedia files. The program possesses simple operation, smooth design, all in style...

By Webline | Added November 10, 2002


From the developer: "If you have some EXE created from Avi2Exe, you may need convert it back to AVI, so you could work with video file...

By Wiagra | Added October 18, 2002

Dragri Lite

DRAGRI Lite is authoring software for interactive video. DRAGRI interactive video lets Web viewers to manipulate video object intuitively....

By NTT Advanced Technology | Added October 7, 2002

ZyGoVideo for QuickTime (OS X)

From the developer: "Start producing quality QuickTime video for Internet or intranet broadcasting and streaming today. ZyGoVideo 2.0...

By ZyGo Digital | Added September 18, 2002


From the developer: "dABC Advanced Bitrate Calculator is a complete bitrate calculator that not only calculates the bitrate from diskspace-based...

By CAFxX | Added September 17, 2002


CombiMovie combines two or more MPEG files. It works very fast, because it only reads the source files, grabs the meaningful bytes,...

By Bobyte Software | Added September 2, 2002


eZeScreen for iMovie is the second in a series of iMovie enhancements from eZedia. Similar to blue screen and green screen effects...

By eZedia | Added August 19, 2002

MsDVR 2000

MsDVR 2000 is designed to be simple and easy-to-use, and provide functionalities to benefit users from recording TV shows and movies...

By Maksil Software | Added July 30, 2002

Adobe Premiere Update

The Premiere 6.01 update provides fixes to known issues in Premiere 6.0. It fixes a problem that affected PAL playback from the timeline...

By Adobe Systems | Added July 24, 2002

SWF2Video Pro

This tool converts your Macromedia Flash movies into the AVI video format. Its interface is very simple: open the source animation...

By FLASHANTS | Added July 18, 2002

Full Screen Player (OS X)

Full Screen Player is a full-screen QuickTime movie player. You can use the Finder to organize your movie files, make aliases of movies...

By FEELORIUM | Added July 9, 2002

Personal AVI Editor

The Personal AVI Editor has one video track and one audio track. Its standard digital effects include fade, wipe, and wave-mix; more...

By FlickerFree Multimedia Products | Added June 20, 2002

Final Cut Pro Update

This update includes performance and reliability fixes and enhancements, including chapter and compression marker export support for...

By Apple | Added May 17, 2002

DeBoard II PC Video Display System

This thread-based video bulletin board uses text files for input. There are three onscreen controllable text scroll regions, one crawl...

By DRS-Digitrax | Added November 10, 2001

SnapStream FireFly

The Firefly PC Remote bridges the gap between the study and the living room, giving you the power to play all your digital media from...

By X10 Wirless Technology | Added October 31, 2001


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